8/15/2015 Update

I am starting my 3rd year of veterinary school. Soon I will be in clinics with a schedule subject to change at any moment. For new clients, I will probably only be available evenings after 6:30 and on weekends (though during some rotations I will have weekend obligations). I will do what I can to work with you during this period.

12/12/13 Update

It has been a busy year. We now have a 6-foot chain link fence approximately 50 x 30 feet to give the dogs plenty of room to play. Please note: If your dog CAN or WILL climb up/jump over such a fence, or is a dedicated digger this is not a good place to board them.

I started veterinary school this year. My classes are at various times during the days, but with projects and meetings occurring sporadically, I am no longer able to schedule dog arrivals and pickups before 5:30pm Mon-Friday. During holiday breaks/spring break/summer we can accomodate more time frames.

The 3 new dog pools arrived! It was a hot summer and the dogs spent plenty of time playing and cooling off in them.

Interested in visiting us before boarding your pet here? Give us a call, we'd love to meet you!

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We are a small, privately run facility focusing on quality, not quantity of pets served. Family Pet Lodge was started by a former no-kill shelter director who wanted a better solution for pets. Kennels are stressful, noisy, confined, and crowded. We want your pet to have a peaceful time when here. All animals have their own separate room. Cats ALWAYS have a large piece of carpeted cat furniture, all pets have a pet bed, and thereís a window in each room. Rooms are standard size, at least 8x10.

We are located in a large house with over 7 acres. Our goal is to have a close relationship with each animal we care for. Itís more like a week at grandmaís than being sent to a kennel. We only allow a limited number of pets which cuts down on noise and in turn limits the stress level of the animals. It also ensures each animal has plenty of space to play, run, and climb, and that we have time for each of them!

Our hours of operation don't work for all clients, so we will try to accommodate other drop-off and pick-up times as needed.

We are committed to the health and well-being of your pet, whether their stay is just for a night or over a month. We use pet safe cleaning chemicals whenever possible, because studies show cancer rates in pets increase with exposure to chemicals. When chemicals or bleach must be used for sanitary purposes, each surface is cleaned again with a pet safe cleaner.