Dog kennels are usually the same: noisy, crowded, and devoid of human touch (unless a playtime session is purchased). Dogs are very stressed by such an environment, which is why they’re always so happy to go home!

At our place, each dog has plenty of space, plus bedding and toys, and Kuranda beds to nap on. They receive exercise and attention every day. If they are non-aggressive toward cats they will likely spend most evenings on the couch with us.

We do have cages available for dogs who like to nap in them or for those whose owners prefer we crate them overnight, etc.

When we are home, the dogs typically play in the pen or nap in the connected garage. During the day when we are not home, they have everything they need in the garage or outbuilding. We learned long ago that leaving a handful of large dogs alone in the house leads to unspeakable disaster. Small dogs typically stay inside when we aren't home, depending on whether they are having fun with their new friends or are older and spend most of the day napping.