Everything here is free, the only thing needed is a printer, a computer, and a library card. This program includes math, science, reading, and writing. Not every grade level has the same type of program. We will likely expand the Activities section for grades 4 and higher next year. To receive a certificate you must complete at least one program. For example, if you canít print the activities, you could choose just to do the reading program, etc.

Kids: Always check with your parents BEFORE printing anything or visiting websites!

Grade levels are approximate! Schools have different curricula and it may be necessary to move up or down a level. If you are ready for a more advanced level, go ahead! The books chosen for this program are available at your local library. I will try to work with the Alto library branch to keep some at their location at all times. Once you are through with a book, please return it so someone else can read it!

Parents are in charge of making sure the child completes the program. At that time, send us an email with the child's name and what program was completed.