Students must complete AND turn in all of the following writing activities to receive a certificate for the writing section. Answers must be at least 1 page long, and can be turned in through the mail or through email.

5th & 6th graders

  • Go to The Animal Humane Society website. Read the article and watch the video. Answer the following questions: 1)What is the problem the article addresses? 2)What is the solution? 3)How can you help?

  • Research myths and facts about spay neuter. Write a list of 10 myths and 10 facts.

  • What is Trap-Neuter-Return? What is ear-tipping? Go to the ASPCA website and start there.

  • Research local animal organizations. Find two that help people care for stray cats, 2 that offer low cost spay & neuter surgery, 2 that will care for injured wildlife, and 1 that helps with low cost or free pet food in west Michigan.

  • What can you do to be a better pet owner?

  • What are FIV and feline leukemia? How are they transmitted? How can they be prevented? Is there a cure or a vaccine?

  • Why is dental care important for animals? What dental diseases can they get? How can dental disease be prevented?

  • Write about proper behavioral training methods. What are the right ways to train a cat/dog? What are the wrong ways and why are they harmful?

  • How much would it cost to own a cat or dog (pick one) for a year? Include 2 trips to a veterinarian, all recommended vaccines, food, bedding, toys, and litter for cats/collars & leashes for dogs. How much does a dental cleaning for the pet cost? Call a veterinarian and ask for prices over the phone, they will be more than happy to tell you what their fees are.

  • What is microchipping and why is it important to microchip your pet?

  • Online animal websites for kids

    ASPCA kids club
    PETA kids
    North Shore Animal League kids site